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Sneha Patil, the creative force behind House of Iki, is a ceramic artist whose journey has taken her from the written word to the tactile world of clay. Since her childhood, Sneha's artistic instincts always sought a mode of expression that felt uniquely her own. Even though her professional life flourished through writing for various travel companies and her leisure time was adorned with culinary and painting pursuits, a sense of incompleteness lingered.

Through pure chance, Sneha discovered her love for clay, a medium as ancient as the Earth itself. Her path led her to the prestigious Andretta Pottery in Himachal Pradesh, India, where she immersed herself in the art of pottery, understanding the potter's wheel, and honing her craft. It was here that she found her true calling; sitting behind the potter’s wheel felt like a long-awaited homecoming.

Sneha's creations are a testament to her minimalist and organic aesthetic. Her small batch, limited edition functional ceramic ware, alongside ceramic art pieces, installations, and murals, embody a delicate balance of form and function. With clean lines and subtle surface adornments, each piece exudes a quiet yet captivating presence, seamlessly blending into its environment and inviting closer inspection.

Nature serves as Sneha's wellspring of inspiration. Her works, whether utilitarian or artistic, reflect a conscious quest to capture the essence of the natural world in which she inhabits, and translate it into tangible art forms. 

Beyond her artistic endeavours, Sneha's passion for storytelling endures. She continues to write professionally and is also the author of  "Becoming Yogi - 44 Countries, 4 Years, and an Epic Journey of Homecoming”.

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